Feb 26


This March Nueva Manteca is going to give some concerts in Colombia.
The concerts are organized by the Universidad de Norte Barranquilla and the Dutch embassy and take place in Santa Marta and Barranquilla.
In addition to the concerts, Nueva Manteca also doing several master classes.
Manteca is back!

Feb 13

New release Swinging Harlem

The new CD of New York Round Midnight is called Swingin Harlem and is out now!
At the moment the band is touring trhought the Dutch theaters with their new show ‘Swinging Harlem’.
Music of Duke Ellington and other famous orchestra leaders and the jazzlegends of the thirties are leading in this theaterproduction.
The new CD Swinging Harlem contains all the music of this show.
The CD is available on Itunes, Bol.com and during the performance.
Foto cover NY Harlem

Feb 13

Nueva Manteca revisited

Nueva Manteca takes off again!

Nueva Manteca has been around since 1983 and has had various line-ups over the years.
The world wide performing band has always been at the forefront of the Latin jazz both at home and abroad.
Nueva Manteca has caused a furore in the States and South America and is now back in full glory.
A new super Latin jazz band with a new super line up.

Oscar Cordero – trumpet
Ben van den Dungen – sax
Marc Bischoff – piano
Samuel Ruiz – bass
Nils Fischer – percussion
Liber Torriente – drums

Youtube filmpjes

Nov 27


In Januari to Mumbai, India!
In the month of Januari Ben van den Dungen is travelling to Mumbia, India to give some concerts and masterclasses.
He is giving also a concert in the National Centre of Performing Arts in Mumbai.
Ben is invited by Whistling Woods International studio’s and is going to work together with some great local musicians. The program will contains only compositions of Ben which he wrote for his latest albums.

Nov 27

Route 66 through Russia

Musica Extrema will be on tour in Russia (and Belarus) this September and October with the programme Club Vaudeville. Our tour consists of 18 concerts, starting in Minsk, followed by a visit to Kaliningrad, and then on to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The journey continues in Arkhangelsk in the high north, followed by a long train ride south to Ekaterinburg in the Ural. The final concerts of our Russia tour will take place in Siberia, in – among other cities – Barnaul, Tomsk and Novosibirsk. In short, Musica Extrema ‘On the road’.





Nov 27

CD Club Vaudeville release October 2017

CD Club Vaudeville uit in september.

Musica Extrema will release their new CD ‘Club Vaudeville’ October 2017 right after their Russia tour. Musica Extrema is the new name for the group Tango Extremo. Lately, The group did so many different projects within various genres, that the name ‘Tango Extremo’ no longer represents their music, therefore the switch to ‘Musica Extrema’.
‘Club Vaudeville’ takes you back to the cinematic 1930s – the post World War I era, a time during which jazz, folk, and classical music blended with entertainment, theatre and variété. Club Vaudeville is a collection of songs in French, German and English. ‘Club Vaudeville’ takes you back in time!

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